Review: Josie Natori – Silk Chemise

Hello and welcome! Thank you for joining me here, where you’ll find me daydreaming about swathes of silk and drawing things that make me happy. I hope I can convince you to stay!

Why “Wishful Inking?” Well, this is all a fantasy, of course. While some posts will be about pieces of lingerie or loungewear that I possess, many posts will be dedicated to dreamy doodles of gorgeous garments that I wish I could swan about in. Additionally, even illustrations of silky pretties that I do own exist within a fantasy realm, because sadly, I don’t have nearly as many houseplants and silk wall-hangings as I draw…

My hope is that as this little side-project grows, I’ll also be able to share with you not only the most beautiful underpinnings I can find, but also more about my illustrative process and the rewards and pitfalls of being your own boss in a creative world. One of the perks being, of course, that you can wear anything to work when you work from home!

Now, on to this incredible silk slip! First blog posts should be special, so I want to highlight one of my favorite pieces of lingerie that I own, gifted to to me by a very special woman.

Josie Natori-Final
Silk Chemise in “Ceramic Blue” by Josie Natori


This chemise, by Josie Natori, is beyond me. The silk glows. It shines, it’s radiant, and this illustration doesn’t even come close to doing it justice. In addition to it’s delightful sheen, it’s also one of the softest and most luxurious things I’ve had the pleasure to wear. The silk is thick enough to be entirely opaque, but lightweight enough to feel like nothing is there. Due to the nature of silk, it’s also wonderfully breathable. Folks, this is what princesses wear to bed, I’m sure of it.

I should note that this is definitely a piece that I set aside to wear leisurely on lazy Sundays or quiet evenings, and not during the hustle of day-to-day life. The silk and lace feel rather delicate, and I’d prefer not to risk a stain or snag while I work. In fact, when I wore this slip last, I noticed a slight tear at the bust where the lace applique had started to come away from the silk (I think just due to time and washing, but I’m unsure of the exact cause), but only a few minutes of tiny stitches later and it looked (and felt) as good as new.


Because the silk is cut on the bias (the pattern is laid out diagonally, rather than with the weave of the fabric), fit is rather flexible. Although I should “technically” be wearing a size large according to Natori sizing information, I’m wearing a small, and the fit is fine. I suspect that if I were to size up, the most noticeable difference would be in length. Wearing a small, the hem of this chemise hits my upper thigh, while the garment is shown hitting around mid thigh on the model online. So, if you prefer a shorter slip, you may prefer to size up.



I neglected to save copies of this in earlier stages while I was working on composition and color (whoops – next time, hopefully!), but the concept for this illustration was simple. I wanted to showcase this beautiful and special garment being worn casually in an environment that feels luxurious and comfortable – and deeply feminine. Often, imagery of women in lingerie too often feels presented for and by men, which is something that makes me feel deeply uncomfortable as a woman who loves lingerie for her own reasons. This chemise was given to me by a strong woman who feels similarly about such things, so it felt important to exclude the male gaze from this illustration. Here is a picture of a woman enjoying luxuries for her own sake.

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