Flash You and Me – Colibri Set

You know when you see something that aligns so perfectly with your personal tastes that you just keep coming back to it just to drool a bit every once and a while? That’s how I feel about this fabulous robe, bra and brief set by Flash You and Me.

What attracted me first, of course, is the print! I don’t often buy lingerie with busy prints, simply because I’m so picky. As an illustrator and print designer, I can’t stand it when a print has an obvious or poorly arranged repeat, and I am so, so tired of the same floral prints over and over.  While I’m growing bored of predictable patterns of florals, I still fawn over flora, so I’m delighted when I see a successful print of flowers or foliage that feels fresh.

Final Flash You and Me
Colibri Bra, Brief and Robe by Flash You and Me

I love how dense and lush this print by ZIB is – it looks like exactly the garden I’d spend all my time in, if I could. I also think the placement with this fabric is perfect, particularly on the bra and brief. That hummingbird on the high-waisted brief is so charming!

What I also love about this set is how wearable it looks. More and more recently, I’m leaning towards soft un-wired bra styles, and this looks like something that could be worn comfortably all day. Flash You and Me also has a fantastic collection of sporty athletic wear in similar shapes that look perfect for lounging, yoga, or even light impact cardio.


What I love about the form of this set is that it looks like it could easily double as a fantastic swimsuit for poolside lounging. I’m not sure if the fabrics would hold up to salt or chlorine, but it looks like the fabric is opaque enough to be worn out of the house. This illustration is where I imagine getting the most wear – lounging under an umbrella at the beach or beside a pool, with a cocktail and a good book. (…and maybe a sketchbook for doodling other beachgoers.)

Do you own anything by Flash You and Me? If so, I would love to hear what your thoughts on the brand are!

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