Hepburn and Leigh Competition Entry

If you don’t know already, Hepburn and Leigh (one of my favorite lingerie stockists) is running a styling competition right now! The deadline is October 31st, and customers are invited to style their H&L lingerie in creative ways and send in a photo for a chance to win a £125 voucher. I reached out to the wonderful ladies at H&L to ask if I could send in an illustration instead of a selfie, and they kindly agreed.

I already own a few things by Kiss Me Deadly, Playful Promises and What Katie Did (a few of many brands sold by Hepburn and Leigh), so my initial thought was to style an outfit using garments that I already own and love. However, the whole reason I started this blog was just so that I’d have an excuse to draw rediculous lingerie that I’m excited about, so I decided to style an outfit that I wish I could get my hands on, and ended up creating this Autumnal outfit instead. (Really, this just gave me an excuse to window-shop for what I might buy with that delicious £125 voucher…)

Hepburn and Leigh.jpg
Outfit featuring Black Occult Bralet by Nearer the Moon, Peek and Beau High Waisted Brief by Playful Promises, and Sheer Lingerie Cape by Kiss Me Deadly


Black lingerie is usually my go-to for mixing garments between brands, and it’s nearly Halloween (yay!), so I figured an appropriately witchy outfit was in order. I ended up drawing the Black Occult Bralet by Nearer the Moon, Peek and Beau High Waisted Brief by Playful Promises, and Sheer Lingerie Cape by Kiss Me Deadly.

The styling possibilities of this bra seem endless! I’m already envisioning all the outerwear possibilities; I can see it being styled over another bra with a black maxi skirt for a modest Grecian look (well, as modest as one can get while wearing underwear as outerwear). I love that the tulle is in two sections on the cups, allowing the nipples to be revealed or barely concealed (as they are here).

I own too many pairs of sheer high waisted briefs already, but this pair is so cute!! I would love to wear it with some chunky leather pieces. (Ummm, can I please get my hands on some CreepyYeha soon?)

This cape… I can’t think of many “practical” uses for it, but does that diminish my desire for its dramatic sweeping swathes of swishy mesh and huge hood? I mean, it’s certainly perfect for full moon rituals like this one!


To match the outfit (and the season), I knew I wanted to draw a witch doing something magical. November’s full moon (on the 4th) is close enough to Halloween, so I thought that some full moon spellcasting would be a good excuse to practice creating a good color scheme set at night.

Line Sketches
Model Practice

Before I started sketching, I had plans to have my witch hovering with the point of view being from the forest floor, but I had troubles organizing the composition that both fully showed off the lingerie in a nice way and felt interesting.


Black and White Comps

Above, the composition on the left is much too static, so I went with the option on the right! When I do work for clients, I usually provide more than just two sketches (although this varies by the type of project), but with these recreational illustrations that I create for just for myself and this blog, I’m not too worried about extra preliminary work. Instead, I just go with what my gut says!

Color Comps
Value and Color Comps

The illustration in my last post was set an night too, but I feel like I missed the mark with my colors and value. I love pink and purple, and I love the way the illustration looks, but I didn’t feel like I convinced the viewer that it was night time. In this illustration, I really tried to push my use of blue and purple in all local colors (for example, there’s still plenty of green in the foliage, but it all has heavy overtones of purple). The illustration isn’t perfect, but it’s a good stepping stone towards what I’m working towards, and I’m happy with it!

Outfit Detail

Have you entered this contest yet? What would you buy if you won? (I’m torn between the lingerie above and a single pair of silk tap pants by Harlow and Fox. Mmmm…)

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