Evgenia – Tempest Wave Camisole and Half Slip

Evgenia is one of those brands that I keep finding myself coming back to every few months. Sometimes, I window shop just a bit, just to take a another peek at some of the incredibly dreamy loungewear and lingerie that the designer, Stephanie, creates. (Also, look at her Editorial shoots! These images of the Floralia collection are absolutely magical!)

These last few weeks have been slow for my freelance illustration and animation work, so I’ve been enjoying my free time enjoying drawing whatever I want — which, apparently, is luxurious ladies in beautiful loungewear and lingerie! This brand is still a little bit out of my very-recently-post-art-school budget at the moment, but it’s certainly near the top of my list of coveted beauties when I do (hopefully) start to have a bit more disposable income. In the mean time, I couldn’t resist illustrating this beautiful camisole and half slip from Evgenia’s Tempest collection. I hope you enjoy!

Evgenia Illustration
Tempest Wave Camisole and Half SlipEvgenia Lingerie

I remember drooling after loungewear by Evgenia back when the brand went by the name Honey Cooler Handmade. Back then, the designer was making beautiful silk chemises with the most incredible lace insertion in the shapes of bows, skulls, and decorative trims (the likes of which you can see here and here, for instance). I’m personally head over heels for every item in scarlet velvet and heart-dotted mesh from the Rebelle collection. Just look at this flowy velvet slip dress — it looks like luscious wearable wine!

I was originally going to draw something from the Rebelle collection, but this floral print just looked too fun to draw! (And who am I kidding — I have no idea how to draw velvet.)

Lingerie detail

I adore darker florals, and I thought this print lent itself well to a romantic night-time scene — perhaps casting love spells by candle and moonlight in a mossy garden at midnight? Okay, okay, full disclosure: really, I’m always just looking for an excuse to draw tiny mounds of grass and little flowers, as influenced by the glorious tapestry-inspired backgrounds in the my all-time favorite movie, The Last Unicorn.

Spellbook and flora detail

Mmm, soft grass and beautiful plants!! One day, I want to settle down somewhere charming with my darling dearest and cultivate a beautiful fruit and flower garden for games, long dinners, cocktails in the grass, and late moonlit nights — all while wearing luxurious loungewear, of course.

pencil sketch
On the right: the rough colored pencil sketch for this illustration. The general composition remained the same, but the pose, outfit, and props all ended up being changed!

I have my fingers crossed that this crazy illustration career will be successful enough for me to achieve that goal sooner rather than later! I’ll be keeping non-lingerie related freelance work separate from this little recreational blog (as I’m still unsure if it’s worth making lingerie a significant part of my professional “brand” as a versatile illustrator and animator), but I’ll keep posting here while I still have time in-between freelance jobs.

figure drawings.jpg
Some 90-second figure drawings in colored pencil and gouache from earlier in the week. Drawing from a live model is such a wonderful way to remember how to draw the form!

Next, I’ll be drawing some of Maude Nibelungen‘s incredible knitted work. I can’t wait to get started!


7 thoughts on “Evgenia – Tempest Wave Camisole and Half Slip

  1. The Tempest- and the Rebelle-Collection are my favourite Collections of Evgenia Lingerie ❤ Beautiful illustration of yours!

    Can't wait to see your Maude Nibelungen drawing and fingers crossed that your freelance illustration and animation work will have a breakthrough soon 🙂


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