Maude Nibelungen – Alice Ensemble

I’m so excited to share this animated illustration I did for Maude Nibelungen! I recently discovered her work through the amazing Lingerie Addicts group, and I very quickly fell in love with her beautiful knitwear. It’s something I had never seen or even thought of looking for in the lingerie world before! For those unfamiliar with her work, Maude is known for beautiful loosely knitted clothing, loungewear, and lingerie. Below is the Alice Ensemble (available in pink or black), which I’ve seen styled so many amazing ways — the outfit possibilities seem endless!

Alice Crop Top and High Waisted Panty – Maude Nibelungen

One day, the two of us were chatting on Instagram about the illustration I made for Evgenia, and I mentioned that I had actually planned on including her designs in that illustration initially, but chose not to because knits were proving too big of a challenge in that piece. She then sent me a few clearer reference photos of the Alice set, and suggested we do an art trade!

Y’all. This made me so excited! Doing art trades with friends was one of my favorite things about being in art school, and it’s something that I dearly miss. Originally, I was just going to give Maude an illustration, but I got a little over-excited and decided to animate it as well.
ARGH, curse the crappy quality of GIFs!! Why can’t I just embed an MP4!?
In exchange for this illustration, Maude offered to make me something from her collection. Originally, I was going to ask for the set above in black, but after really thinking about the types of things I love to wear most, I decided on the Denise dress. It’s a beautiful ankle-length slip-dress in a tighter knit than the Alice set, made from a mix of silk and merino. I’m planning on layering it over a few different things and styling it outerwear, as well as wearing it on its own as cozy loungewear at home. As outerwear, I can see it working equally well in an edgy lingerie-accessory-heavy look, as well as over a long silk slip for a rather glam look.  I can’t wait!!
I love the intentional irregularities in this outfit! Mmmmm…
When I first started thinking about this illustration, all I knew was that I wanted to use a pink/brown color scheme. I’m spending this winter in Bali visiting my family, so my mind is in the “tropical lounging” mindset lately, but thankfully Maude brought me back to Earth and suggested a more seasonally appropriate snowy scene. I sketched out my idea and hers, and we both loved the snowy scene much more. It also matches the visual aesthetic of Maude’s work and editorial photos much more. (Obviously this is a much better idea! I mean c’mon..)
Rough Sketches — This time, I stayed pretty true to my initial sketch! I may recycle the sketch on the left for a future project.

This illustration was drawn in Photoshop, the hair was animated in Photoshop, and the branches and snow were drawn in Photoshop and animated in AfterEffects. I’m a little rusty with AfterEffects (and my laptop has close to zero processing power, thanks to my terrible file storage system), so the background animation is a bit embarrassing, but I’m happy with the hair! I usually work at a frame rate of 12 frames per second with cel animation (hand-drawn animation, in other words), which means that I had to re-draw her hair around 50 times! Phew! Thankfully, I was armed with a long playlist of good podcasts. Below is a small peek at what the illustration looked like during this process.

Screenshot from Photoshop while I was working on animating the hair. The opacity has been reduced on the skin layer so that I can see what I’m working on, and I have onion skins turned on for the hair video layer. Onion skins allow me to see the frames before and after the current frame (see the ghost of the hair here), which is very useful in this type of animation.

This was such a fun illustration! Client work is suddenly piling up, so I may be taking a break from recreational lingerie illustrations for a month or two, but we’ll see what happens!

Thanks for sticking in until the end! For future posts, what would y’all like to see more of? Is process work interesting or boring? 🙂

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