Review: Fleur du Mal – Long Sleeve Pajama Top

So, I recently splurged on this incredible pajama top by Fleur du Mal printed with their custom pattern of beautiful thin cannabis sativa leaves and blooms. Someone on the Lingerie Addicts Facebook group posted about the matching bra and panties several weeks back, and try as I might, I simply could not get this incredible print out of my head! But hey, you know what’s better than self control? …a fancy silk kush shirt to lounge around in! I couldn’t justify buying the matching pajama pants, but I expect to get quite a bit of use out of the top alone, as both loungewear and outerwear.

In an effort to justify this purchase to myself and feel a little better about spending money that I could be saving, I decided to make an illustration project out of it and use it as an excuse to get back into animating! It’s been a few months since I’ve animated anything (you can see more of that on my professional website, if you’re interested), so it’s a little choppy and messy, unfortunately. But more on that later.

me twice
Some rare photos – wearing my new pajama top by Fleur du Mal, bra by Kiss Me Deadly, and an altered choker by Karolina Laskowska

I had to take reference footage of myself for the arm movement in my animation, and so of course I used that as an excuse to take some cute selfies too! I don’t think I’ll make a habit of sharing images of myself here often, but I felt really cute and wanted to show y’all what the print looks like.

The shirt is 100% silk, and has a subtle textural weave of small diagonal lines across the fabric. The print is crisp, and the colors are vivid and saturated, even in the darkest areas. Often, too much of the white fabric shines through in the darkest areas of a print, resulting in dull, desaturated darks, but I am so very happy with the quality of this print! All interior seams are french seams, and all visible garment edges are trimmed with elegant thin black silk piping. There is a small decorative breast pocket on one side that has been sewn shut. The buttons are plastic, which is expected but boring, so I may replace them with some more interesting buttons in I come across any.

I bought this in a size Medium (for reference, my bust measurement is 40″ and my waist is 30″), and I’m a tad disappointed in the fit. It fits well throughout the torso, but it’s a bit slim throughout the arm. It’s not a huge problem, and it’s absolutely fine in most positions, but it does feel a bit snug when I lean on my arms at weird angles. I probably could have sized up and bought a Large, but they were unfortunately sold out. Because of this, I’ll probably wear it more as outerwear and while I work at my desk, but it’s not ideal for all-day couch potato-ing. It’s a small problem, and I love this shirt so much, so I feel like it’s a small price to pay for ganja glamour. I have so many outfits planned around this shirt!


This was a fun piece to sketch and plan! All of the animation was done in Photoshop, but in retrospect I probably should have brought it into AfterEffects to smoothen out some of the arm movement. I’m a little disappointed by my sloppy work, but because this wasn’t a professional project, I decided to just call it quits instead of redoing the motion. Oh well! Photoshop stubbornness wins again. I’ll be better next time, I suppose.


This was also a really fun outfit to style! Since getting an IUD, I’ve been a lot more sensitive to underwire bras, and I’ve been turning more towards non-wired options. I’ve heard so many great things about the unwired Madam X bra by Dita Von Teese, and the Emerald colorway (now sold out most places, unfortunately) would look so good with this shirt! Right now, I’m saving up for the new Paradise Pink colorway…

To coordinate, I just had to include this minty choker by Flash You and Me. I’ve drawn lingerie by them before, but I don’t yet own anything by them. I’ve only heard excellent things from other people, though. One day, maybe!

Video Freezeframes

I’ve been really into wearing red/orange/green color schemes this week, and I really wanted to push those colors in this piece. I was initially inspired by the aesthetic of Insta babe @eve.frsr when I was sketching out my concept, but the hair and design sort of morphed away from her along the way.

For this piece, I wanted to experiment and play with a slightly more painterly approach. I usually rely on flat, subtly gradated shapes to describe form, but this illustration is a bit more realistically shaded. I’m a little concerned about including it on my website, because I don’t want to confuse or worry art directors by presenting too broad a range of styles, but one of my friends pointed out that really, it’s not that different from my usual work. Thoughts?

Still 4
Fleur du Mal Long Sleeve Pajama Top, Dita Von Teese Madame X Wire-Free Bra, Flash You and Me Mint Choker

I hope you enjoyed this project and my ramblings! As always, thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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