The Week in Loungewear

This week, instead of doing a full illustration of one look of lingerie or loungewear, I’d like to talk about and review one favorite item from my loungewear collection foe every day this week! With the exception of a few prized and treasured garments that only make it out for special occasions, these are pieces that get a lot of wear and love.

When I was still in college, I used to put a lot of love and effort into building my outfits every day. Now, I work from home as a freelance illustrator, and leave the house a bit less often. Also, I now live in a town where yoga pants are fancy, which really puts a damper on how eccentric I can dress in public and still receive positive attention for it. (And yes, of course I’ll admit that I do love positive attention from strangers for wearing fun outfits! Side eye glares and rude comments, not so much.)

However, even if I’m not wearing wild outfits out of the house as often, I can still be fabulously dressed at home! My daily “work” outfits usually consist of some sort of mix-and-matched loungewear getup, and I’d love to share a few of my favorites with you – one piece for each day of the week.

1 - Monday - Josie Natori Slip
Josie Natori Silk Chemise

Monday – Josie Natori

This slip is one of my favorite and most frequently worn loungewear pieces! I love it so much, in fact, that I dedicated my first ever blog post and illustration here to it. If you have never worn silk before and have been thinking about indulging in something truly special, I cannot recommend a bias cut slip, chemise, or cami enough. Silk, apart from being breathable, hypoallergenic, and resistant to mildew, is also incredibly soft and luxurious against the skin, and there is nothing quite like curve-hugging bias cut satin.

Since writing my first post here, I’ve mostly gotten over the fear of wearing (and possibly ruining) silks. I’m still very careful about what I do while wearing expensive fabrics, but I believe that beautiful garments are meant to be worn and loved, and letting them stay “safely” tucked away doesn’t do them justice! With a little bit of care, attention, and gentle washing, silks should last a very long time.

2 - Tuesday - Karolina Laskowska Bralette
Karolina Laskowska Bralette

Tuesday – Karolina Laskowska

Karolina Laskowska is no longer selling lingerie, so I feel so lucky to have won this custom bra and matching brief in her final illustration competition before she closed down her brand. Just to torment Karolina and her goth sensibilities (and because I have my mind on bridal lingerie currently) I requested a light color scheme. The set is made with hand-dyed vintage English leavers lace with a Nottingham embroidered heart applique — this illustration doesn’t come close to doing this bra justice. It is so pretty in person! Because it’s made entirely of very delicate lace, I don’t feel comfortable wearing it very often, but I love styling it with the above slip and pastel skirts for fancy lunch dates and truly decadent lounging.

While you can’t buy from Karolina Laskowska any longer, you can watch her personal lingerie creations for a small monthly fee through Patreon. I’m subscribed to the $10 tier, and I wholeheartedly urge you to do the same if you’re a fan of her work! Her Patreon posts are frequent and full of beautiful photographs of whatever ridiculous couture projects are in the works any given week.

3 - Wednesday - Harlow and Fox French Knickers
Harlow and Fox French Knickers

Wednesday – Harlow and Fox

Harlow and Fox creates some of the most beautiful and high quality luxury silk lingerie and loungewear out there. These tap pants have been on my radar for years, but due to the pricetag that comes with luxury, I’ve never been able to afford them. When I recently won a giftcard to one of Harlow and Fox’s stockists, Hepburn and Leigh, I knew exactly what I wanted to spend it on!

Upon receiving them, I was totally blown away. The silk is THE SOFTEST silk that I have ever felt, and every detail is considered, from the teensiest of seams to the silk covered buttons on the side! Even though I ordered through Hepburn and Leigh, the parcel was still sent out by Harlow and Fox, so I was also treated to some very beautiful packaging, including a lovely box to store them in. I was a little bit worried about sizing since it’s a non-stretch item fitted to the waist, between accurate sizing, bias cut fabric, and a touch of elastane (5%) in the fabric, they fit beautifully. This is a garment that I’ll wear and treasure for years.

4 - Thursday - Playful Promises Lace Robe
Playful Promises Lace Robe

Thursday  – Playful Promises

Playful Promises is a brand that I have deep respect for. Not only do they release excellent on-trend collections season after season, but they’ve also done a remarkable job of responding to current events and their customer base. Recently, they’ve expanded their size range significantly and launched several ad campaigns that challenge society’s notions of what bodies are “acceptable” in lingerie shoots, including a campaign with models in their late sixties, and a campaign with non-binary drag queen Violet Chachki.

I’ve bought a lot of lingerie from Playful Promises over the years, and I’ve always been impressed. This is a loungewear piece that I’ve had for years, and it’s held up remarkably well, despite being rather well loved all through college! Unfortunately, it’s many seasons old and no longer being sold, but Playful Promises do have a fantastic selection of robes and other loungewear items available right now, including a fringed velvet chemise that I’m absolutely smitten with.

5 - Friday - What Katie Did Lounge Pants
What Katie Did Lounge Pajamas

Friday – What Katie Did

These pajama pants get a lot of wear. They come in a pajama set that includes a cropped self-tying top with darling cape-like flutter sleeves, and the outfit is fantastic on its own and incredibly versatile as separate wardrobe pieces. Y’all know I love bringing unnecessary glamour whenever I can, and these pajamas are perfect for everything from lounging at home, to hosting a dinner party, to attending the symphony. I usually pair them with a What Katie Did bullet bra, pearls, and red lipstick.

I should note that these pants run a bit long. I’m 5’4″ and these drag on the floor by about a centimeter when I’m barefoot. Fortunately, I love an excuse to wear towering heels!

6 - Saturday - Angela Friedman Bralette
Angela Friedman Bralette

Saturday – Angela Friedman

This bralette is part of a two-piece silk lounge set that also includes a pair of tap pants — and what a lovely set it is! Since ditching the pill for an IUD this year, I’ve been way more sensitive to underwires and tight bands, so this soft silk bralette has just been wonderful. It doesn’t offer much support, as you’d expect, and that is absolutely fine. With my 34DD chest, I fall outside of Angela Friedman’s ready-to-wear size range, but since she makes each piece by hand to order anyways, she’s able to make any piece to a custom size for a small patterning fee.

Angela Friedman will be temporarily closing her shop soon while she moves to London, so she’s currently not taking custom orders. You can, however, still shop any of the current lingerie she has in stock. I would hurry though — it looks like certain sizes are selling out fast!

7 - Sunday - Evgenia Bed Jacket
Evgenia Bed Jacket

Sunday – Evgenia

After spending years daydreaming over Evgenia, and then days working on an illustration for her, I simply couldn’t resist any longer, and I bought this beautiful silk velvet bed jacket and matching skirt during a sale.

Every component of this garment is perfect — from the soft and vibrant silk-blend velevet (literally the softest velvet I have ever touched), to the charming heart-embroidered tulle, to the silk satin ribbon tie and binding.

I keep this bedjacket draped over my bedframe, because I reach for it almost every night. I usually layer it over a slip to keep my shoulders and chest warm while I’m sitting up in bed reading or chatting with my darling. Also, this piece remarkably versatile piece for out-of-the-house outfits. I knew I’d love this piece when I bought it, but I was delighted when I realized this piece had become a wardrobe staple!


What are some of your favorite brands for beautiful loungewear?


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