Karolina Laskowska – Pentagram Thong

This is a short post and an old illustration, but since Karolina Laskowska has temporarily re-opened her shop for what I assume will be the last time ever, it feels like a good time to share this!

This illustration features Karolina’s famed pentagram thong bodysuit, an often imitated but never duplicated garment, and also one of my first pieces by her. It’s a fantastic piece, but I won’t be reviewing it here, seeing as they’re no longer being made. In lieu of a review, enjoy the pretty picture!

Logan Spector_Karolina Laskowska
Karolina Laskowska – Pentagram Thong Harness

I made this illustration about a year ago for an illustration competition that Karolina was running. Here we have two women relaxing in their garden at night after a long day of work, happy to be near each other and happy to enjoy some quiet time. One is swirling a glass of wine, and the other rests nearby, perhaps with a book or her own drink.

Some of y’all may have noticed that I’ve been hooked on nighttime color schemes for way, way, way, way¬†too long, but I’m still not over them! I just love drawing with moody greens, blues, and purples. In fact, I’m planning a square illustration for silk scarves in a similar moody color scheme soon!

Concept Sketch

Have any of y’all swiped something from the Karolina Laskowska sample sale yet? I’m proud to brag that I got my hands on the last Natasza capelet, which I’m so excited to see and touch in person in a few weeks! I’m not yet sure if I’ll dedicate an illustration to it, but I’ll certainly share pictures of it on Instagram!

Eeeeep, so excited!

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