Custom Illustration and Blog Header for The Lingerie Raven

The Lingerie Raven is a fellow lingerie blogger that I really admire and enjoy. Cassie Rae writes thoughtful and informative lingerie reviews with a focus on brands for smaller busts. Her blog is very aesthetically driven, and posts are filled with beautiful and well shot images of the writer in her lingerie collection. However, what I love most about her blog is how clearly Cassie’s love for lingerie shines through her writing! If you don’t already follow her, I encourage you to go check out her blog here!

When Cassie approached me about a commission, I was so excited. I had been admiring her aesthetic and lingerie collection for months, and so I knew it would be a fun project to work on.  To start off, Cassie and I talked about what she wanted in the illustration. She knew she wanted blues and pinks, a sultry mood, and of course… her favorite lingerie and plenty of ravens! After much back and forth on lingerie sets (I mean, how to choose? There are SO many amazing options in this lady’s wardrobe!), Cassie landed on the Coven Set by Nearer the Moon worn with the Lola Skirt by Ava Corsetry, which she reviews here.

Once I had a good idea of what Cassie was looking for, I got to work sketching out some rough ideas in my sketchbook.

My sketchbook is messy, but I don’t mind! It’s for me, after all.

After I had some basic concepts roughed out, ranging from witchy bird enchantress to opulent lounge queen, I took my favorites and created a few rough black and white studies to send to Cassie.

Sketch #1
Sketch #2
Sketch #3

Her favorite was the third sketch, but she wanted to change the pose. Luckily for me, Cassie is an excellent model, so I asked her to pose however she liked and send some pictures to me to use as reference material. While I waited for these pictures, I got to work on the setting that she’d be reclining in. Oh, if I could draw things into existence! Someday I’ll have a room that looks something like this…

The eagle-eyed may recognize the frames here — I recycled them from this illustration!

Once the setting was in place, I spent a few days slowly adding to the setting and drawing Cassie in her fabulous underpinnings, attended to by her loyal flock of black and white ravens. (Did you know that the collective noun for a group of ravens is called a conspiracy or an unkindness of ravens?)

I knew including all the frames would be distracting and overwhelming once I added the birds in, but I really wanted to include at least a few framed portraits of bras and panties, so I solved the problem by removing a few frames from the center and dialing back the contrast of the remaining pictures. I like how the frames, along with the black ravens in the foreground, act as a framing element for the whole piece. (no pun intended!)

I am so happy with the outcome, and it was so wonderful to hear Cassie’s glowing response! She had a few small changes before it was perfect, which I was happy to make. Delivering the final piece is the best part of my job by far!

Final - Pasties
The finished illustration

Cassie wanted a version with and without visible nipples (because of social media stuff, life, etc), so in addition to the version with pasties, I also sent her this one:

Final - Nipples

For the blog header, Cassie just wanted something simple, so I sent her a few versions with her blog title and ravens taken from the illustration.

Blog Header - Resized 2Final - Blog Header

I must say that I am so pleased with how this illustration turned out! Cassie at The Lingerie Raven is a wonderful person and blogger, and it was truly lovely working with her.

As always, if you’re interested in commissioning a personal piece from me, or if you’re a business looking for illustration or repeat pattern work, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can view my professional portfolio here, and I can always be reached via email, at

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