Studio Pia – Soraya Soft Bra

Studio Pia has been all over my social media feeds lately, and honestly, I can’t complain! I am such a huge fan of the custom embroidery design that Pia designed and produced for her new line — custom embroidery is quite the feat for any brand, but especially a new one. It’s also a really beautiful floral motif. Swoon!

Studio Pia is a brand that I’ll probably never buy for myself — I’m a young person on a tight budget, and I’m not huge into bras. Blasphemy, I know! Lately, I just really prefer less bust structure for comfort reasons. But honestly, Pia’s soft cup bras have me rethinking my bra bias. They are so pretty and stylish, and, assuming the fabrics are all soft on skin, they look super comfy too!

Today, I really should have been working on client projects, but I’ve been in a bit of a “style slump” with digital art lately. I thought it would be better for both me and my clients if I did a quick an fun project to get back into the swing of making nice things quickly, and scrolling past Studio Pia on insta this morning was just the kick I needed to do just that!

studio pia
Soraya Soft Cup Bra by Studio Pia

This illustration isn’t perfect, but I really wanted to challenge myself to just draw without being too precious or particular (read: slow and self-doubting), so I did a very quick color sketch in my sketchbook this morning to get my ideas down, and then I jumped right into the final. Most of the pieces of this illustration are on the same layer, which is really rare for me! As a result, I couldn’t go back and fix things easily, and so I didn’t — and the result was a really enjoyable and fast workflow! I was babysitting while drawing, and the whole thing, interruptions included, only took maybe two or three hours. It felt so good. It felt like how I used to draw in college. Carefree, fast, and happy.

Very messy sketch in my sketchbook that I did just to work through some ideas

I just moved to Bali, Indonesia, and I am surrounded by tropical plants as I work, so obviously all I want to draw are those! Sadly though, my lingerie collection is packed safely away in a storage unit in the US, so I will just have to draw and daydream in the mean time…


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