Evgenia – Lovesick Collection – Custom Postcard

Disclaimer: Stephanie of Evgenia is creating my wedding gown and part of my trousseau, and this illustration is part of a trade to offset the costs of such a large order. I’m choosing to get married in her designs, so I hope it goes without saying that all of my very positive thoughts and feelings about her work are my own! 

Evgenia is without a doubt one of my favorite lingerie and loungewear designers that I know – her work is just painfully gorgeous. I’ve drawn a few pieces from her Tempest collection before, and I’ve also raved about her Rebelle Bedjacket in a post about my most frequently worn loungewear pieces.

Last summer, I proposed to my darling dearest, and we now have a wedding date set for next summer. So now, among other things to be excited about, I have an outfit (two, really) to plan!! All of my best outfits include favorite pieces from my lingerie wardrobe, so I knew I wanted my wedding ensemble to be comprised entirely of loungewear and lingerie. Initially, I was planning on buying a gown from Harlow and Fox, but when I saw the upcoming release of Evgenia’s Lovesick collection on The Lingerie Addict, I knew I had to get married in Evgenia! I love the idea of a wedding dress that can be re-worn on anniversaries and special outings, and I already have at least half a dozen styling ideas for this beauty – this is a gown I can see myself wearing for decades to come.

Rough Sketches Presented to Stephanie

Truly, the whole collection feels like that – deliciously decadent, yet entirely wearable. I’ve been staring at the images from this collection for months now, and I’ve had images open on my computer for a week straight while I worked in this illustration, and yet I still don’t have the words to express how much I love these garments! The collection is full of flowing rosy silk, sheer tulle with subtle metallic accents, and vintage-inspired silhouettes that are completely timeless and right on brand for Evgenia.

sketch 2
Chosen Sketch

The collection includes the pieces in this illustration – triangle bra, garter belt, tap pants, and thong – as well as an eyemask, a lovely floaty camisole, a floor length gown (my wedding dress!) and an incredible floor length robe. It was a tough choice deciding which pieces to include in the illustration (and it’s proving to be an even harder choice deciding which pieces to buy for my trousseau!), but I couldn’t resist layering as many sheer pieces together as I could. I was glad to hear that Stephanie liked the second sketch most. Sheer fabrics are my favorite to wear and draw!

With my model resting on a window ledge, I couldn’t not set the hour to dusk. With the soft pink color of this collection, pink lighting was just too hard to resist. I love the moodiness of evening.

Evgenia Lovesick Illustration
Lovesick Bra, Garter Belt, Tap Pants, and Thong – Evgenia Lingerie

I have to admit it, I’m super happy with this illustration! Postcards of it will be sent out in every Lovesick order from Evgenia. Packages will also be mailed out in custom tissue paper that I designed for her – but more on that soon!

If you order something from her, please send me pictures – I can’t wait to see!

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