Custom Tissue Paper for Evgenia

Disclaimer: Stephanie of Evgenia is creating my wedding gown and part of my trousseau, and this pattern is part of a trade to offset the costs of such a large order. I’m choosing to get married in her designs, so I hope it goes without saying that all of my very positive thoughts and feelings about her work are my own! 

To celebrate the launch of Evgenia’s new Lovesick collection, we decided to work together on a new packaging concept. I’m a firm believer in the importance and pleasure of giving gifts to oneself and others, and extra special packaging makes all the difference for me – it’s so nice when someone has taken the care to make a special thing just a touch more special.

We talked about several different packaging options, including branded or printed boxes, but we eventually decided on a custom tissue paper to wrap orders in. Affordability and minimal packaging waste were both important factors, and tissue paper hit the mark for both of these needs.

Packaging Concept Mockups

One of the best parts about working for a lingerie brand that I’ve followed and admired for so long (remember Honeycooler Handmade?) is that I already had a good idea of what Stephanie wanted. The tissue paper needed to incorporate colors and themes from Lovesick, but still feel relevant to her other collections as well. Romantic imagery like flowers, ribbons, stars and hearts feature heavily throughout Evgenia, so I had a great place to start!

Rough Sketches

Related to these romantic themes (and lingerie in general) is the concept of gift-giving, so I wanted to explore gift-related imagery in the sketches I sent her. One sketch is a tangle of ribbons and tags, as if one has just opened a rather lush gift and left behind a mess of ribbons, and the other two are variations on gifts of flowers, complete with ribbons, tags, and little love notes. 

Stephanie chose the tangle of ribbons, which came as no surprise! Some of you may remember the beautiful ribbon-filled shoot for Evgenia’s Floralia collection. To tie in some other elements from her brand, we also added a sprinkling of star-shaped confetti to the print.

Final Print – Colorway 1

Color-wise, Stephanie wanted something soft and delicate to match the colors of Lovesick, but not so delicate that the effect was overly girlish or too precious. For this reason, I gave her a range of colorways all within the same color scheme. Stephanie printed tissue paper samples of the two final prints here, and from there she decided to go with colorway number two, below. 

Final Print – Colorway 2

Below are a few other colorways that didn’t quite make the cut, but that I still rather like! 

Alternate Colorways

And here the print is in action! I recently received a small package of wedding-related things, and it was so exciting to see everything wrapped up in the tissue paper I designed, accompanied by my postcard illustration.

So cute!
Evgenia goodies and silk embroidery floss? What an excellent post day!

All and all, this was such a wonderful project to work with Stephanie on! I can’t wait to see everyones packages (please post pictures!!), and I hope 2019 will be full of more projects like this one.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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