Review: Fleur du Mal – Long Sleeve Pajama Top

So, I recently splurged on this incredible pajama top by Fleur du Mal printed with their custom pattern of beautiful thin cannabis sativa leaves and blooms. Someone on the Lingerie Addicts Facebook group posted about the matching bra and panties several weeks back, and try as I might, I simply could not get this incredible print … Continue reading Review: Fleur du Mal – Long Sleeve Pajama Top

Maude Nibelungen – Alice Ensemble

I'm so excited to share this animated illustration I did for Maude Nibelungen! I recently discovered her work through the amazing Lingerie Addicts group, and I very quickly fell in love with her beautiful knitwear. It's something I had never seen or even thought of looking for in the lingerie world before! For those unfamiliar … Continue reading Maude Nibelungen – Alice Ensemble