Custom Tissue Paper for Evgenia

To celebrate the launch of Evgenia's new Lovesick collection, we decided to work together on a new packaging concept. I'm a firm believer in the importance and pleasure of giving gifts to oneself and others, and extra special packaging makes all the difference for me - it's so nice when someone has taken the care to make a special thing just a touch more special.

Evgenia – Lovesick Collection – Custom Postcard

Evgenia is without a doubt one of my favorite lingerie and loungewear designers that I know - her work is just painfully gorgeous. I've drawn a few pieces from her Tempest collection before, and I've also raved about her Rebelle Bedjacket in a post about my most frequently worn loungewear pieces.

Evgenia – Tempest Wave Camisole and Half Slip

Evgenia is one of those brands that I keep finding myself coming back to every few months. Sometimes, I window shop just a bit, just to take a another peek at some of the incredibly dreamy loungewear and lingerie that the designer, Stephanie, creates. (Also, look at her Editorial shoots! These images of the Floralia collection are … Continue reading Evgenia – Tempest Wave Camisole and Half Slip