Karolina Laskowska – Pentagram Thong

This is a short post and an old illustration, but since Karolina Laskowska has temporarily re-opened her shop for what I assume will be the last time ever, it feels like a good time to share this! This illustration features Karolina's famed pentagram thong bodysuit, an often imitated but never duplicated garment, and also one … Continue reading Karolina Laskowska – Pentagram Thong

The Week in Loungewear

This week, instead of doing a full illustration of one look of lingerie or loungewear, I'd like to talk about and review one favorite item from my loungewear collection foe every day this week! With the exception of a few prized and treasured garments that only make it out for special occasions, these are pieces … Continue reading The Week in Loungewear